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ThreatSonar - An Engine to Hunt down Intruders

The best APT solution for endpoints. An easy-to-use, automated deployed threat hunting tool. ThreatSonar connects the dots to precisely identify intruders in a breached environment.

Compromise Assessment

Combining digital forensics and behavior-modeling techniques, ThreatSonar can do fast triage and hunt for outliers. Regular cybersecurity check-up with ThreatSonar helps to better protect your endpoints.

Incident Response

Intelligence-driven and auto-investigation to find out hidden infections with similar TTPs, ThreatSonar is an effective tool designed for incident response execution.

Automated Deployment

Flexible and easy-to-deploy, ThreatSonar offers on-premises environment for cross-platforms with both online and offline operation modes. ThreatSonar is also enriched by third-party IoCs (Indicators of Compromise), including YARA rules and blacklist.

Why ThreatSonar?

We See the Invisibles
An automated, highly efficient,
and easy-to-use threat hunting tool

Equipped with over 100 built-in IoCs and thousands of backdoor indicators.

ThreatSonar helps unmask threats and adversaries hiding in the post-compromised environment.


Highly Efficient


Build upon your cyber defense NOW!

We'll demo how our intelligence-driven solutions can help you defend against cyber threats and simplify your cybersecurity operations.
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