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An easy-to-use, automated deployed threat hunting tool. ThreatSonar connects the dots to precisely identify intruders in a breached environment.

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Anti-hacking is like epidemic prevention. Enterprises, governments, and organizations take various measures to prevent threats and attacks, such as using firewalls for external blocks, installing anti-virus software for passive self-protection, just like controlling borders and wearing masks to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

However, whether the information environment of enterprises, government and organizations is safe or not still needs to be confirmed through quick forensics.

Defense against epidemic
Defense against cybersecurity threats
Defensive measures: External prevention
Border control & quarantine
Firewall, IPS, WAF
Defensive measures: Self protection
Wearing a mask / social distancing
Endpoint protection
Defensive measures: Verify safety
Rapid test

How does the ThreatSonar Threat Forensic Analysis Platform Work?

Data Collection and Analysis
Data Collection and Analysis

Advanced threat hunting technology finds out suspicious programs and file activities on endpoints, and finds out potential threats.

Intelligence-driven Forensics
Intelligence-driven Forensics

Built-in thousands of APT backdoor signatures provide the latest intelligence to every endpoint for threat forensics. Also it allows the import of external intelligence such as hash, IP, domain, Yara Rule and IoC to precisely defend potential targeted threats.

Root Causes Analysis
Root Causes Analysis

Determines how the incident occurred and identifies threats.

Forensics Reports
Forensics Reports

Includes identified threats and root causes. All activities, decisions made during the assessment process are documented for future reference.

Industry-leading Features

Compromise assessment offers the whole picture of the incident, shortening the investigation time

Possess memory forensics and behavior analysis to effectively identify unknown malicious programs

Active threat hunting with visualization of correlating potential compromised endpoints

Why ThreatSonar?

1,000 +
Successfully detected 1,000+ APT attacks that other cybersecurity solutions couldn’t find
3M +
Implemented 3 million+ endpoints forensics
100 +
Adopted by 100+ enterprises & organizations in Taiwan, Japan and other countries
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