PersistentCyber Threat Hunters


Designed for APT & Ransomware Protection

ThreatSonar Anti-Ransomware provides a comprehensive detection and response solution with APT (Advanced Persistent Threats) threat hunting, ransomware prevention and full-time monitor capabilities. As a professional MDR platform, ThreatSonar Anti-Ransomware also brings you security expertise to rapidly identify the threats and take action.

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An Engine to Hunt down Intruders

ThreatSonar is an advanced threat hunting tool with capabilities in compromise assessment, auto-investigation, and orchestration. Equipped with over 100 built-in IoCs and thousands of backdoor indicators, ThreatSonar helps to discover threats and execute incident responses remotely in a post-compromised environment.

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A Portal to See Through the Chaos

ThreatVision is a customer-engaged threat intelligence platform that provides real-time alerts, technical data, OSINT analysis, and in-depth APT investigation. Our platform prepares multi-levels approach to applying intelligence, from operational actions to strategic planning, which allows implementing precise measures to occurred or hidden threat.

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