Do cyber criminals have your business in their sights? Here’s how to find out and stop them

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Grow your business in a threat-free environment with our intuitive interface. Further analysis is upon request and conducted by our 10+ years’ experience analysts.

Online sandbox

Keyword search engine

Technical data (hash, domains, IP, etc.)


Mitigate your risk with our in-depth research on Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) activities and Open Source Intelligence analysis.

2000+ samples/day

700+ malware families

100+ Adversary groups

Internet Threat Map (ITM) aggregates risk information across the global network, providing cyber risk scoring to help quickly identify the threat level of a specific IP address or domain name. Easily connect the dots with ITM’s threat dataset, enterprises can always stay proactive with our threat intelligence.

Automated threat intelligence

Cyber risk scoring

Threat type overview

Threat history search

Have you heard of ...

Over 78M data breach of a medical insurance giant.
The average cost of a data breach is $3.92 million while the average time to identify a breach is over 200 days.
A $60M SWIFT attack in a TW’s bank hacking incident.
The cyber robbery in Bangladesh bank of $81M.
Steal confidential info, such as COVID-19 vaccine, and exposed people in danger.
Hackers attack every 39 seconds, on average 2,244 times a day.


  • We provide interactive platform for examining yourselves and consulting the experts
  • We support keywords explorer to meet your needs
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Financial Service

  • We track those APT groups that intrude financials
  • We have a broad coverage not only in APAC but the whole world
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Public Sectors

  • We prepare technical data for your WAF, Firewall, etc. for instant defense
  • We reveal the tactics and techniques used by your existing and hidden enemies for detection and precaution
#knowurenemies #realtime #detectanddefense
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