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Media Kit

Our logo

Logo of TeamT5 is provided in .png & .ai format for download. Please follow the term of use: you should not apply any modification include but not limited to deformation, reformation, recolour and special effect, under any condition.

Standard of logo usage


TeamT5 logo use three colors. If you need single color print, use the gray color we provide.

TeamT5 Red

RGB: 217/55/81
HEX: #D93751
CMYK: 10/90/55/0

Dark Red


TeamT5 Dark




Background Contrast

Always provide sufficient contrast with the background against which the logo appears.

Clear Space

The logo need some space to make it alright. The minimum clear space that must surround the logo is equivalent to the height of the diamond. Do not place photos, typography or other graphic elements inside the minimum clear space.

Using the TeamT5 name in text

TeamT5 in text with two capital T, no space between Team and T5

Team with capital T
Only two T with a capital letter
Team T5
No space between Team and T5
Team T5
Don’t mix with logo

If you have any questions of logo usage, please contact us via [email protected].

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