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ThreatSonar Anti-Ransomware - Designed for APT & Ransomware Protection

Best-in-class cybersecurity defense platform & MDR services for enterprise. Not just APT protection, ThreatSonar Anti-Ransomware also provides advanced protection against targeted ransomware.

Effectively Defend against APT Attacks

  • Real-time endpoint monitoring
  • Remote incident response for your enterprise
  • Professional incident report in an easy-to-understand format

Proactive Ransomware Containment

  • AI-powered engine to detect and stop malware
  • Automated protection system to block ransomware attack in the first place

Backups Protection

  • Realtime detection of ransomwares and prevent ransomwares from destroying backups
  • Ensure enterprise being able to restore backups

New EDR / MDR Services Platform

  • Real-time threat detection and hunting
  • Proactive ransomware prevention
  • Remote incident response and remediation
  • The top threat protection choice among MSSPs, integrating detection, monitoring and incident management

Why ThreatSonar

Pinpoint Threats And Fight Back

Track latest tactics of adversaries and predict their next move
Unique ransomware containment technology

Accurate Threat Prediction

Effective Defense

Immediate Detection & Block


Actionable Threat Intelligence

Build upon your cyber defense NOW!

We'll demo how our intelligence-driven solutions can help you defend against cyber threats and simplify your cybersecurity operations.
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