【Cyber Security Weekly Podcast】TeamT5 Talks About Chinese Cyber Threat Landscape

5.26.2022TeamT5 Media Center
We're happy to take the interview from Cyber Security Weekly Podcast. It has introduced latest cybersecurity insights for professionals.
In the podcast, Charles Li (Chief Technology Officer & Chief Analyst, TeamT5) shares some highlights of our team’s presentation at Black Hat Asia 2022. Focusing on the notorious Chinese threat actor groups (APT 10, APT 27, APT 41) he discussed key characteristics, such as how their motivations extend beyond espionage to monetisation, tools overlap, targets, and growing OpSec sophistication.
He also touches on the Chinese Cyber Threat landscape from the Taiwanese perspective, such as the information warfare campaigns. With shifting geopolitical landscapes increasing the frequency of cyberattacks on Taiwanese targets, he notes the Taiwanese responses in increasing cybersecurity regulations and investments.
Charles Li advises cyber defenders to invest in tailored threat intelligence, to complement tools such as EDR or firewalls.
🎧 Listen the podcast here➡ link
5.26.2022TeamT5 Media Center

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