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What is Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI)? Why Does It Matter?

5.23.2022TeamT5 Media Center

The definition of cyber threat intelligence

Cyber threat intelligence (CTI) is information that has been aggregated, transformed, analyzed, interpreted, or enriched to provide the necessary context for decision-making processes.

Why does cyber threat intelligence matter to enterprises?

As the old saying “know the enemy, know yourself, and in every battle you will be victorious”, cyber threat intelligence plays the same important role in cyber war. It gives enterprises an overview of the threat landscape. Enterprise can make better cybersecurity defense plans to secure daily operation.

3 levels of cyber threat intelligence

Cyber threat intelligence contains 3 levels - strategic, operational, and tactical threat intelligence.
1. Strategic Threat Intelligence (Non-Technical, usually CXX users) : Identifies the Who and Why. Uses high-level information (whitepapers, policy documents, publications, etc.)
2. Operational Threat Intelligence (Mixed, SOC leaders, analysts, etc.): Works on the How and Where. Uses information about threat actor tactics, techniques, procedures, etc.
3. Tactical Threat Intelligence (Technical, usually Security Operations Center (SOC) personnel): Look at the What. Uses Indicators of Compromise (IoC) such as file names, hashes, domain names, IP addresses, etc.


Threat intelligence is an important part of enterprises’ cybersecurity plans. Enterprises can effectively deploy information security defenses and ensure smooth operations using the intelligence gathered and analyzed by the top threat intelligence research teams.
We, TeamT5, are the top research team in malware & Advanced Persistent Threat (APT). We’re frequently invited to share our insights in top cybersecurity conferences - Black Hat (USA), Code Blue/ AVTokyo (Japan), Troopers(Germany), and other events organized by global organizations such as Hack In The Box, and FIRST.
Contact us today to learn more about our threat intelligence platform.

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5.23.2022TeamT5 Media Center

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