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What To Do When Cyber Attacks Happened?

2.15.2023GSS & IR Team
When enterprises face cyber attacks, it’s important for enterprises to take proper actions and lower the negative impacts. By collaborating with the incident response team, the enterprise can get back to the right track sooner. More than that, the incident response team can find out the cause of the cyber attack and deal with root problems in order to avoid further losses & attacks.

Steps to Respond Cyber Attacks

Incident response experts from TeamT5 suggest enterprises to take below steps in order to better deal with cyber attacks.

1.Find the Cyber Attack’ Intrusion Path from (Incomplete) Log

Most attackers will delete the log to cover up their intrusion behavior and steps. Therefore, the incident response team must try their best to find undeleted records in the incomplete log and analyze the attacker's intrusion path.

2. Investigate and Find the Cyber Attack’s Timeline & Path

Incident response experts can conduct the whole picture of the incident by going through logs. To fully understand the cyber attack, it requires the expert to analyze and come up with a report on the timing, path, and process of the cyber attack.
To be more specific, incident response experts can help enterprises to get a more clear picture on which system is breaked by the certain device(s), what vulnerabilities are being used, how long the system has been compromised, what data has been stolen, etc.

3. Bring Enterprise Operation to Normal

Incident response experts should have tech abilities to help enterprises to block the attackers’ intrusion path. By deleting backdoors created by attackers, this can prevent attackers from using the same backdoor and sneaking into the system again.

4. Provide Comprehensive Cybersecurity Governance Suggestions to Enterprises

Technology is evolving everyday so are attack methods. Only by continuing to carry out good enterprise cybersecurity governance can enterprises enhance their cybersecurity resilience.
To complete the response and handling of cyber incidents, it is important to have experienced top experts to provide comprehensive cybersecurity planning & execution suggestions for the enterprise.
Suggestions include but not limited to network segmentation, update to latest version of system (attackers can directly intrude through zero-day vulnerabilities), and strengthening intranet defenses (for example, many companies use the same set of passwords for intranet services while the two-stage authentication mechanism/2FA is not adopted, this will allow the attacker to quickly get access to all systems and grasp all the information of the enterprise).


Today's commercial activities and enterprise operations rely heavily on information technology systems. If cyber attacks or major cybersecurity incidents occur, daily operations will be greatly affected.
It is recommended that enterprises seek the assistance of a professional incident response team to participate in the analysis and investigation of cybersecurity incidents and system recovery operations. With the help of a professional cybersecurity incident response team, enterprises can effectively avoid further losses and quickly return to the right track of operation.

With solid technical background and frontline expertise, TeamT5’s incident response team provides an in-depth investigation and response to real-world cyber-attacks. We identify and research the intruder attacks, the impact and technical cause of the incidents, and recommend solutions or workarounds to assist our clients in recovery and remediation.
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2.15.2023GSS & IR Team