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TeamT5 Will Showcase Solutions at ECONOSEC (Japan)

2023.08.30TeamT5 Media Center
TeamT5, a provider of top cyber threat intelligence and endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions in APAC, is going to showcase solutions at ECONOSEC in Japan.
This event, which attracts experts and professionals from around the world, is an excellent platform to showcase the cutting edge cybersecurity technologies and solutions. And TeamT5 will be showcasing our latest solutions, including threat intelligence platform ThreatVision and cyber threat detection tool ThreatSonar.
We believe that threat intelligence is the cornerstone of cyber defense. We provide action-oriented and localized intelligence to help enterprises foresee cyber attacks and deploy defense strategies in advance. We sincerely welcome you to experience our intelligence-driven cyber defense at ECONOSEC.

Our Solutions

ThreatVision, a powerful threat intelligence platform


  1. Grasp latest & advanced cyber threats
  2. Boost power to defend cyber attacks
  3. Expand insights & database for Advanced Persistent Threat (APT)


ThreatVision is a comprehensive intelligence platform that specializes in providing Asia-Pacific-centered cyber threat intelligence. With over a decade of experience in researching malicious code, APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) groups, and cyber threats in the Asia-Pacific region, ThreatVision offers a wealth of intelligence resources for organizations. The platform caters to different roles within the cybersecurity landscape, including decision-makers, risk managers, and incident responders, by offering strategic, operational, and tactical threat intelligence. It aids C-level executives, risk managers, and incident responders in understanding the threat landscape, identifying malicious actors, and deploying effective defenses against cyber threats. ThreatVision's customizable intelligence investigation and consulting services, along with its user-friendly interface and curated reports, empower organizations to make informed decisions, allocate security resources effectively, and enhance their cybersecurity.
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ThreatSonar, a cyber threat forensic & analysis platform


  1. Assess system compromised events more precisely
  2. Respond to cyber incidents faster
  3. Deploy the tool automatically


ThreatSonar is an easy-to-use tool to hunt cyber threats. Combining digital forensics and behavior-modeling techniques, ThreatSonar can do fast triage and hunt for anomalies.
ThreatSonar is based on the TeamT5 team's research results on global malicious programs. It has built-in more than 100 malicious behavior indicators and more than 1,000 software backdoor features. It combines smart forensic analysis technology and risk models to discover unknown threats hidden in the enterprise and prevent them in advance. cyber attack.
As regular cybersecurity check-ups help enterprises to better protect endpoints, ThreatSonar offers both online and offline mode to protect endpoints in various situations. In short, ThreatSonar is an effective tool designed for assisting incident response.
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  • Date: 2023 / 9 / 12 ~13
  • Time: 10:00 ~17:00
  • Venue: 2F, JiJi Place Hall (Tokyo, Japan)
2023.08.30TeamT5 Media Center
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