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TeamT5 Joins FIRST and Bring Best Incident Response Service

2023.08.22TeamT5 Media Center
TeamT5 Cyber Security Incident Response Team (TeamT5 CSIRT) have officially become a member of FIRST (Forum of Incident Response and Security Team), the premier incident response organization in August 2023, and continues to help enterprises to build cybersecurity resilience.
FIRST is an international non-profit organization composed of 681 Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERT) and Cyber Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRT) from 106 countries. FIRST aims to inform and exchange cybersecurity data and cybersecurity incident response technology among members.
Sung-ting Tsai, founder and CEO of TeamT5, said that TeamT5 has provided stable and reliable cyber security solutions and hosting services for governments and enterprises around the world for a long time. TeamT5 has also assisted in handling ransomware intrusion incidents and advanced persistent attacks(APT) in a timely manner with advanced cybersecurity technology and service capabilities. After becoming a full member of FIRST, we will have in-depth exchanges with global cybersecurity incident response teams, integrate external threat intelligence, and provide clients with great services.
In the future, TeamT5 will adhere to the concept of "intelligence-driven cyber defense", and continue to cooperate with partners to provide enterprises with best cybersecurity solutions and security incident response services.
TeamT5 becomes member of FIRST.

About TeamT5

TeamT5 consists of top cyber threat analysts. Leveraging our geographic and cultural advantages, we have the best understanding of cyber attackers in Asia Pacific. TeamT5 is frequently invited to share insights at top cybersecurity conferences. In 2022, we won the BSI International Organizational Resilience Awards - Elite Award.
Based on our research in malware & Advanced Persistent Threat (APT), we provide cyber threat intelligence reports and anti-ransomware solutions to clients in the USA, Japan, and Taiwan. Clients include government agencies, financial business, and high-tech enterprises.
2023.08.22TeamT5 Media Center
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