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TeamT5 Featured Best endpoint protection solutions on Cybernews

2023.05.04TeamT5 Media Center
TeamT5 consists of top cyber threat analysts. Leveraging our geographic and cultural advantages, we have the best understanding of cyber attackers in Asia Pacific. We’re also frequently invited to share our insights in top cybersecurity conferences.
Based on our research in malware & Advanced Persistent Threat (APT), we provide anti-ransomware solutions and cyber threat intelligence reports to clients in the USA, Japan, and Taiwan. Clients include government agencies, financial business, and high-tech enterprises.
Our work is also seen by the media as TeamT5 is honored to be featured in CyberNews' pick of Best endpoint protection solutions.
Cybernews wrote:
TeamT5 is a cyber security solution provider that offers multiple services to help you protect your data from cybercriminals. One of the best services it offers is called ThreatSonar Anti-Ransomware.
It’s a comprehensive cybersecurity defense program that’s designed to protect enterprises against APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats) and targeted ransomware attacks.
It uses an AI-powered engine to detect and prevent malware from attacking endpoints in real time. Additionally, it offers proactive ransomware containment to stop ransomware attacks before they can inflict any damage.
ThreatSonar Anti-Ransomware also provides backup protection to make sure that ransomware attacks do not destroy backups. It also ensures that your organization can restore data whenever needed. You can use the demo version that TeamT5 offers to see how ThreatSonar Anti-Ransomware performs.
To read the whole article, please check this link.
2023.05.04TeamT5 Media Center

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TeamT5 Featured Best Threat Intelligence Solutions on Cybernews

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