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Macnica and TeamT5 Publish Joint Report on Trends in Targeted Attacks Targeting Japan in FY2021

2022.06.14TeamT5 Media Center
Macnica, Inc. (a total service and solution provider for semiconductors, networks, cybersecurity, and AI/IoT) and Team T5, Inc.(a threat intelligence provider for cyber espionage activities in the Asia-Pacific region) announced joint report "Reality of Targeted Attacks and Countermeasures Approach, 6th Edition," a report on targeted attacks that landed in Japan in FY2021.
Last year, many organizations were victims of ransomwares and attacks as attacker groups exploited weaknesses in the supply chain. These attacks were widely reported in the news. While such incidents have surfaced, many organizations have not been aware of the breach for a long period of time, and they weren’t aware that they’re under the threat of "theft of confidential information through targeted attacks", which is listed as the second threat for organizations in the "10 Major Cybersecurity Threats in 2022". However, this threatens international industrial competitiveness of Japanese companies.
Under these circumstances, by strategically sharing information and sublimating to threat intelligence across organizations, the report highlights the TTPs, objectives, intentions, skill levels, etc. of each attacker group. It also shares effective countermeasures against these attacks. In addition, since targeted attacks (cyber espionage) rely heavily on geopolitical risks and tensions between countries, it is significant to analyze and write a report jointly with Macnica in Japan & TeamT5 in Taiwan under the current unstable world situation.
For the purpose of raising awareness, this report provides analysis of attack campaigns observed in FY2021 (April 2021 to March 2022) that seek to steal confidential information (personal information, policy-related information, manufacturing data, etc.) from Japanese organizations. In addition, focusing on cases using highly stealthy remotely controlled malware (RAT), we introduce new attack methods and threat detection. At the end of the report, we also include the indicator of compromise(IoC) used in the attack campaigns introduced in the report so that you can check your own organization.

About Team T5, Inc.

TeamT5 consists of top cyber threat analysts. Leveraging our geographic and cultural advantages, we have the best understanding of cyber attackers in Asia Pacific. We’re also frequently invited to share our insights in top cybersecurity conferences.
Based on our research in malware & Advanced Persistent Threat (APT), we provide cyber threat intelligence reports and anti-ransomware solutions to clients in the USA, Japan, and Taiwan. Clients include government agencies, financial business, and high-tech enterprises.

About Macnica

Macnica is a Global Value Added Distributor and Service Solution Provider of innovative technology solutions. Our core domains are AI, IIoT, Mobility, Cyber Security, Big Data, Healthcare, Biotech, Retail, Robotics, Semiconductors.
Macnica operates globally in Japan (HQ), USA, China, South East Asia, India, Brazil, Europe.
2022.06.14TeamT5 Media Center

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