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How ThreatVision Supports APAC Governments’ Threat Intelligence

2023.08.30Product Management
ThreatVision is utilized by a series of APAC government departments who are looking to enhance their cybersecurity posture and improve their defensive stance against key APAC adversaries including China, North Korea, South Korea, Pakistan, Vietnam and India.

What is ThreatVision?

ThreatVision is a comprehensive intelligence platform that specializes in providing Asia-Pacific-centered cyber threat intelligence. With over a decade of experience in researching malicious code, APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) groups, and cyber threats in the Asia-Pacific region, ThreatVision offers a wealth of intelligence resources for organizations. The platform caters to different roles within the cybersecurity landscape, including decision-makers, risk managers, and incident responders, by offering strategic, operational, and tactical threat intelligence. It aids C-level executives, risk managers, and incident responders in understanding the threat landscape, identifying malicious actors, and deploying effective defenses against cyber threats. ThreatVision's customizable intelligence investigation and consulting services, along with its user-friendly interface and curated reports, empower organizations to make informed decisions, allocate security resources effectively, and enhance their cybersecurity.

APAC Governments’ Intelligence Requirements

Our APAC government customers typically are in need of a threat intelligence platform, but they don’t have enough resources to filter and analyze data by themselves. They need to be able to understand adversaries’ activities, be able to study who is behind attacks, and know who is being attacked in the APAC region. Without this intelligence, they are at high risk of an attack.

ThreatVision’s Benefits for APAC Governments’

To meet these intelligence requirements, our APAC government customers utilize ThreatVision, which provides detailed reports and technical tools. ThreatVision enables them to gain valuable insights into their adversaries' activities, tactics, techniques, and procedures, and strengthen their proactive defense measures, staying one step ahead of evolving cyber threats. In addition to being able to give indicators of compromise lists to partner entities, and give detailed presentations to executives, they are also able to submit samples for analysis and order customized analysis of suspicious samples found in their environment.

How APAC Governments Use ThreatVision

In terms of threat detection, APAC government customers usually use ThreatVision’s indicators of compromise lists, and threat hunting tools to detect breaches. After initiating EDR/XDR, they also initiate research on the threat through ThreatVision’s threat landscape, adversaries, malware and sample management features. In the end they are able to detect malware, better understand the threat, learn their adversary’s TTPs, and thwart future attacks.

In terms of threat intelligence, these customers gain intelligence insights by reading ThreatVision’s many different reports. After that they report their findings to higher ups, and execute preventative measures to reduce their risk. The final result is that their infosec policies are optimized, their budget decision making is eased, their infosec environment strengthened, and they also gain highly rich insights into their threat landscape.

Getting Started with ThreatVision

To get started, contact your TeamT5 representative and apply for a 14 day ThreatVision trial account, or email us at [email protected] if you are new to our products and wish to learn more. We look forward to working with you to keep your organization safe from cyber threats.
2023.08.30Product Management

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