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Black Hat’s Talk: D39 Shares Their Research on Breaking Samsung Secure Boot at Black Hat USA 2020

2020.08.07TeamT5 Media Center
We were glad to announce that TeamT5 was again accepted at Black Hat USA. And this time, our vulnerability research team, D39, presented their latest exploit research on Samsung S10 secure bootloader at the Black Hat Briefings. We were very honored to share our research findings with researchers and security experts all over the world in this annual flagship conference.
BHUSA_cover TeamT5's vulnerability researcher presented on Black Hat USA 2020.

About D39's Vulnerability Research Finding

D39 has been focusing on vulnerability research and has identified several critical security flaws. We have found several vulnerabilities in Samsung Secure boot, which can break through Samsung Knox protections. In Black Hat USA 2020, we elaborated how did we discover and exploit the vulnerabilities in detail, demonstrated the exploit on a Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone, and had a discussion on the possible impact of these vulnerabilities.
Disclosure timeline Timeline of the vulnerability disclosure, patch release and assignment of SVE IDs.

About Black Hat

Black Hat is the world’s leading information security event, and remains the best and biggest event of its kind. It provides attendees with cutting-edge security research, development and trends, and has the ability to define tomorrow’s information security landscape. Black Hat USA 2020 went fully virtual this year, held over the same dates from 1 to 6 August, in light of the coronavirus pandemic.
*Image courtesy of Black Hat from
2020.08.07TeamT5 Media Center

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