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【Bloomberg 採訪報導】Chinese Report on Suspected NSA Hack Shows Beijing Pushing Back

2022.02.25TeamT5 Media Center
TeamT5 資安威脅情資分析師團隊接受彭博社(Bloomberg)訪問,針對中國盤古實驗室(Pangu Lab)揭露他們在2013年所發現的後門程式Bvp 47之報告,進行評論與分析。本文為摘錄,完整文章請見 Bloomberg
For years, Washington has accused Beijing of instigating cyberattacks against the US. and its allies. Now, a Chinese cybersecurity firm says it has identified hacking within China by a group linked to the National Security Agency, hinting at a rethink of how Beijing handles its geopolitical rival.
Chinese officials and companies like Huawei Technologies Co. have often responded to U.S. accusations in the past by declaring America the worst cyber-offender of all, pointing in particular to Edward Snowden’s revelations about U.S. espionage.
But this week, Pangu Lab said it discovered U.S.-sponsored hacking activity on Chinese soil. It said it found malware in domestic IT systems it claims was created by hacking group Equation, which is “generally believed” to be linked to the U.S. National Security Agency. In a report issued Feb. 23 and covered by the Communist Party-backed Global Times, Pangu Lab said the malware, called Bvp47, had been discovered within “a key Chinese department” in 2013 and 2015. Pangu Lab claimed the malware infiltrated systems to monitor and track key institutions in 45 countries around the world, including U.S. allies, in a campaign that lasted 10 years.
Taiwanese cybersecurity firm TeamT5 said that while Pangu Lab’s report was “one of the most detailed and in-depth forensic investigations published by Chinese cybersecurity firms,” it was curious that they chose a decade-old case to dissect.
“In the future, we think there will be more and more similar attribution reports by Chinese cybersecurity firms being leveraged by the Chinese state media to conduct propaganda campaigns,” analysts at TeamT5 wrote.

*首圖來源: Pixabay
2022.02.25TeamT5 Media Center

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