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Why ThreatVision - Threat Intelligence Platform Empowering Organizations to Make Informed Decisions

2023.08.28TeamT5 Media Center
In the rapidly evolving digital landscape of the Asia-Pacific region, the need for localized cyber threat intelligence is paramount. While Europe and America have well-established cyber threat intelligence infrastructures, the Asia-Pacific region lags behind, with limited local resources. Enter TeamT5, a beacon of expertise in the Asia-Pacific cyber threat intelligence domain.

The Asia-Pacific Edge

The Asia-Pacific region is a hotbed of geopolitical dynamics. Yet, there's a scarcity of intelligence firms that truly specialize in this region. TeamT5 stands out with its Asia-Pacific-centered intelligence professional team. With over a decade of dedication to researching Asia-Pacific cyber threat intelligence, our team's proficiency in the Chinese language, combined with their in-depth understanding of APT hacker groups in the region, especially those originating from China, places us in a unique position. Our extensive knowledge of attack details and techniques has made us a sought-after participant in world-class conferences like Code Blue, AVTokyo, Troopers, Hack In The Box, and FIRST.

The Imperative of Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence is not just a buzzword; it's a necessity. From decision-makers to risk managers and incident responders, everyone in the corporate information security team faces unique challenges. To address these challenges, intelligence information can be categorized into:
  1. Strategic Threat Intelligence: Tailored for C-level executives, it offers insights into trends, the organization's threat landscape, and potential malicious actors.
  2. Operational Threat Intelligence: Essential for SOC leaders and analysts, it delves into hacker techniques and proactive threat prevention.
  3. Tactical Threat Intelligence: Vital for rapid incident response teams, it provides precise threat indicators for swift assessment and mitigation.

ThreatVision: The Ultimate Solution

So, where does ThreatVision fit into this landscape? Unlike many platforms that merely redistribute open-source intelligence, ThreatVision stands out by researching and analyzing intelligence in-house. This ensures that the intelligence provided is not only up-to-date but also more accurate. The clear presentation of data makes it accessible even for non-technical users, bridging the gap between complex cybersecurity threats and business decision-makers.
ThreatVision offers:
  • A Rich Library: From Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) for swift threat identification to Threat Hunting Tools for direct detection, and Intelligence Reports for a multi-dimensional analysis of hacker behavior.
  • Customized Services: Request For Information(RFI) Service offers tailored reports and customized analysis.
  • Integration Capabilities: With its API Service, ThreatVision facilitates automation and enhances threat response efficiency.
For C-level executives, Risk Managers, and event responders, ThreatVision provides tailored solutions. From CTI reports that consolidate event motives to comprehensive technical information for proactive risk mitigation and an API for rapid integration of situational information, ThreatVision ensures that every cybersecurity team member is equipped with the right tools and intelligence.


In an era where both human resources and technology are limited, the right intelligence can make or break an organization's cybersecurity strategy. ThreatVision, with its comprehensive offerings and in-house research, ensures that businesses are not just reactive but proactive in their defense strategies. By understanding the behavior and objectives of attackers, organizations can craft effective security policies, enhancing overall response efficiency. With ThreatVision, you're not just securing your organization; you're future-proofing it.
2023.08.28TeamT5 Media Center

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