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【TeamT5 x CODE BLUE 2021】Because Security Matters

2021.10.04TeamT5 Media Center
The biggest information security conference in Japan, CODE BLUE 2021, will be held in hybrid style in Tokyo, both virtual and on-site, on October 19th and 20th. During the COVID-19 pandemic, cybersecurity matters more than ever. As a Taiwan-based cybersecurity company dedicated to combating cyber threats, TeamT5 is proud to support, sponsor and participate in this top international cybersecurity event in Asia.
This year, we will be giving workshops on topics of cyber threat intelligence, threat hunting, and ransomware protection. Join us for the exclusive workshops at CODE BLUE 2021 and enjoy an active interchange of ideas with us! (*Note: TeamT5 workshops are all by registration.)
Moreover, our cyber threat analysts Che Chang and Silvia Yeh will again be presenting at Law & Policy track, sharing their latest study on Chinese InfoOps at this year’s virtual conference.
See below for highlights of our events at CODE BLUE 2021.


  • Law & Policy | Clip Addiction: A Study of Video-Based Chinese InfoOps with Threat Intelligence
China’s Information Operations (InfoOps) continue to proliferate in cyberspace. TeamT5 cyber threat analysts Che Chang and Silvia Yeh will present their research on China’s video-based InfoOps across social media platforms.

TeamT5 Workshop

This year, TeamT5 and our partners, Macnica and Terilogy Worx Corporation, co-host a series of virtual workshops at CODE BLUE 2021. Our CEO Sung-ting Tsai (TT) and Cyber Threat Intelligence team will discuss topics on ransomware prevention and our research on APT attacks in Japan. Come join us!

Workshop I: Strategy Overview of Ransomware Defense

Ransomware has become one of the top cyber security risks that could not be ignored by C-level executives. The threat actors are savvy and their attack techniques keep evolving. TeamT5 observes significant incidents keep happening and their impact is huge.
In this workshop, we will introduce what makes ransomware so difficult to defend, and as defenders, how to develop your defense plan. Through the real case studies dissecting ransomware attack techniques and procedures, we will discuss countermeasures for each attack phase and show you how to combat ransomware threats at the earliest stage.
  • Location: via Microsoft Teams.

Workshop II: APT Attacks in Japan

In this workshop, TeamT5 cyber threat researcher will cover the latest attack methods adopted by Chinese APT groups, and illustrate possible threats Japan may face.
Furthermore, we will show you how TeamT5’s threat intelligence platform, ThreatVision, can help you forecast threat risks and deploy cybersecurity defense in advance.
Our partner, Macnica, will also present recent threat research on Japan. This workshop will provide you with a full landscape of the threat intelligence trends in Japan and how you can avoid their attacks by effectively applying threat intelligence to your business.
  • Location: via Microsoft Teams.

What is CODE BLUE?

CODE BLUE is Japan's largest international information security conference, which aims to contribute to a better Internet world by connecting people through CODE (technology), beyond and across the BLUE (oceans). Every year, the world's top-class specialists and researchers gather together to share their latest findings and give cutting-edge talks. It is a place for all participants to exchange information and collaborate to respond to and solve information security problems.
More information on CODE BLUE 2021 Official Website.

*Image courtesy of CODE BLUE.
2021.10.04TeamT5 Media Center

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