An Elegant Threat Hunting Solution
Threat Hunting
  • Behavior Modeling
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Outlier
Auto Investigation
  • Infection Timeline
  • Lateral movement analysis
Elegant and Efficient
  • Light-weight with high detection rate
  • Low cost, less efforts
  • Low risk, non-intrusive
On Premise
  • Risk control
  • Off-line analysis
  • SIEM Integration
  • HTTP Restful API
ThreatSonar Assessment Reports
  • Organizational incident timeline.
  • Memory, process, network connections, registry, eventlog, task scheduler, MBR, WMI, etc.
  • Expand and pivot to find out hidden infections with similar TTP (tactics techniques procedures).
  • Highlighting unique executables, memory attributes, abused system tools or rarely-seen digital certificates.
Discovering related infection origins, lateral-movement traces and data exfiltration through graph visualization.
ThreatSonar is Complementary to
Your Existing Endpoint Solutions
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