TeamT5’s ThreatVision APT identification engine is now integrating with PolySwarm malware analysis platform to help power the growing crowdsourced malware analysis marketplace.

PolySwarm is a crowdsourced malware analysis platform specialized in new and emergent threats. It is powered by a network of research-driven engines, like TeamT5, which are highly specialized and focused on detecting the latest malware. Unlike in other multiscanners, engines in PolySwarm are incentivized to respond just when confident, and are compensated based on performance, improving signal-to-noise ratio and reducing false positives. Multiscanning, threat scoring and hunting in a single platform give analysts a novel tool to detect, analyze and respond to threats.

TeamT5’s alliance with PolySwarm will be beneficial to our specialized research in APT intelligence in Asia-Pacific. And we as a team will definitely bring the experience of our clients to the next level.

With TeamT5’s solid technical background and frontline expertise, we provides more in-depth information about the malware, such as threat level, adversary and linkage discovery information, to help our clients dealing with the APT attacks they are facing from all over the world.