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Live Webinar: Dissecting Information Operation in Chinese-language Cyberspace

2020.07.23TeamT5 Media Center
Time | Tuesday, 4 August 2020, 3:00 - 4:00 pm (GMT+8)
Registration | Please contact our sales and get the registration link: [email protected]

Taiwan's 2018 municipal elections and 2020 general elections were both under the great threat of Information Operation (InfoOp). To influence the outcome of elections, state-backed threat actors have exploited the features of social media environment to conduct InfoOps, which involves the spread of disinformation, hate speech, and propaganda. Their operations had polarized and manipulated the voters, which in turn polluted the digital information ecosystem.
Join TeamT5's exclusive live webinar, and hear our cyber threat intelligence analysts, Che Chang and Silvia Yeh, to grasp the basic understanding of InfoOp in Chinese-language cyberspace, and how China conducts InfoOp on social media platforms.
Register for this webinar to discover:
  • What is Information Operation (InfoOp) and how does it endanger the users on social media platforms?
  • How do we contribute to the fight against InfoOp in 2020 Taiwan Presidential Election?
  • How does China conduct InfoOp in pursuit of its political interest?
*Note: This live webinar will be offered in English only.


Che Chang is a Cyber Threat Analyst and the co-author of "TeamT5 Information Whitepaper." He focuses on underground markets research and state-sponsored Information Operation (InfoOp). Che is the invited speaker of many global and regional conferences, including 2020 April vGCTF workshop on Combatting COVID-19 Disinformation, 2019 Cybersec in Taiwan, a closed-door meeting of Taiwan Academia Sinica, etc.
Silvia Yeh is a Cyber Threat Analyst at TeamT5 Cyber Intelligence Team and the co-author of "TeamT5 Information Whitepaper." She focuses on issues related to Information Operations (InfoOps) and is currently responsible for cyber policies analysis of China and other Asia-Pacific countries.

2020.07.23TeamT5 Media Center
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